Cowan Pottery Museum

Cowan Pottery Museum


The recently expanded Cowan Pottery Museum is located primarily on the first floor of Rocky River Public Library (renovated in 2006-2007). It features over 1200 pieces of a distinctive form of American art pottery created by R. Guy Cowan and his associates at the Cowan Pottery Studio in Lakewood, Ohio from 1913-1917, and in Rocky River, Ohio from 1920-1931.

The Cowan Pottery Museum was one of the nation’s leading potteries during the 1920s and the Cleveland area’s only major pottery. Cowan Pottery represents a visual cultural heritage unique to Rocky River and Cleveland.

Contact the curator, Greg Hatch directly at 440-895-3763 or email if you are interested in scheduling private tours for individuals and small groups.

What’s New?


We’re sorry the 2020 Cowan Symposium has been cancelled.