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Meeting Rooms

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Rocky River Public Library is committed to helping build a sense of community by offering free meeting room space to nonprofit organizations or individuals for educational, cultural, civic, charitable, intellectual, or related activities. Organizations may use a room to conduct the general affairs of the organization. All meetings and programs must be free and open to the public and consistent with the informational, educational, recreational, and cultural purposes of the library. Social, fundraising, commercial, partisan meetings or religious services are prohibited. Exceptions are library-related programs or functions.

To request a meeting room for your event, please download, read and fill out the meeting room policy/agreement and return it to the library. It is important that you read the entire meeting room policy before returning the agreement form. We also ask that you sign it in person when you return it.

Meeting Room Policy
Meeting Room Agreement Form

Please Note:
This agreement will be reviewed by the Director. Once approved the meeting room(s) will be assigned. You will be called when the room has been assigned, or if there is a problem.



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