PaperCut: Print, Copy, Fax, Scan

PaperCut – Registration and Set Up

Register For PaperCut

Use this link to register your library card number in PaperCut.

If this is your first time using PaperCut or you received an “invalid user” error, this will get your account registered.

Log Into PaperCut

Use this link to check your account balances, upload a document for printing, view your transaction history, view recent print jobs, or view any print jobs pending release.

Set Up PaperCut on Your Mobile Device

Use this link for quick information on setting up PaperCut on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Remote and Mobile Printing

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut allows for remote and on-site printing at Rocky River Public Library through the Web, by email or directly from a personal device.

Where are the copiers located?

Copiers are located in the Circulation Area on the Ground Floor, the Public Computer Room on the Lower Level, the Adult Services Area on the First Floor, and the Children’s Area on the Second Floor.

All public copiers have the following features:

  • Release print sent from any library computer
  • Release print sent from any personal device, such as a laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Release print sent from any off-site device (via email or web), such as a home computer
  • Use letter size (8.5” x 11”) and legal size (11” x 14”) paper
  • Make copies, including special ID card copies
  • Scan to email
  • Scan to USB flash drive
  • Print from USB flash drive

In addition, faxing is available at the black floor-standing copiers in the Public Computer Room, Circulation, and Adult areas. These copiers are also able to handle ledger size (11” x 17”) paper.

How Do You Use PaperCut?

Want to learn more about using PaperCut for remote and mobile printing? See below:

Papercut Email Printing Icon
Papercut Web Printing Icon
Papercut Mobile Printing Icon

From a library computer:

Log into one of the library’s public computers in the Public Computer Room, the Teen Area, or the Children’s Area and send a print job to the Black & White or Color printer

From your personal computer, at home or in the library:

Upload to the PaperCut site

  • Go to the PaperCut site and log in using your PaperCut credentials (usually your library card number and PIN is your PaperCut username and password)
  • Select Web Print from the menu on the left
  • Click the green “Submit a Job” button
  • Enter “rocky” in the search bar and hit enter to find the printers at Rocky River Library
  • Select the B&W or Color printer associated with Rocky River Library
  • Click the green “Print Options and Account Selection” button at the bottom right
  • Input the number of copies you need
  • Click the green “Upload Documents” button
  • Click the green “Upload from computer” button in the large white box to add files; you can upload more than one file at the same time
    • Or you can drag the file(s) into the large white box
  • Make sure to follow the file format requirements listed on the site
  • Click the green “Upload and Complete” button in the bottom left
  • Your print job will be uploaded, which may take several seconds—the status will say “Held in a queue” when finished
  • This completes the process of uploading a print job via Web Print; see the “How do I release a print job” for your next steps

Email the library printers

From your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) connected to the library’s wifi:

How do I release a print job?

  • Release any print job from any public copier in the library. Our staff can assist you, but the basic steps are:
    • Log in to the device with your PaperCut credentials (for most people, this is your library card and PIN)
    • You will see a list of the print jobs you sent
    • Select the jobs you want to print

NOTE: Print jobs are stored in the queue for 48 hours, to-the-minute. For example: if you sent your job at 2:00 pm on Sunday, it will be available to release until 2:00 pm on Tuesday; however, it will be deleted after 2:00 pm.

How To Check PaperCut Balances

To check your total available balance for all CLEVNET libraries offering PaperCut

  • Log into the PaperCut site with your account credentials (typically your library card number and PIN) and view the Balance box on the Summary page, which is the first page you will see.
  • The PRIMARY account is your paid balance, and the accounts listed by the library are your free balances, which vary by library.
  • Free balances can only be used within the library where you are doing your printing or copying. They do not transfer across libraries.
  • Paid balances can be used at any library.

To check your total available balance at Rocky River Library

  • Log into any public copier and view your account.
  • This will include any remaining portion of your free balance plus any paid balance you have added to your account.
  • This amount is only available at Rocky River Library.