Local History

Rocky River Public Library’s Local History collection includes materials such as books, newspaper clippings, and photographs that cover the history and development of Rocky River from the early 19th century to the present.

Library History

Library Timeline –  Rocky River Public Library timeline covering historic milestones 1877 – present.

Library Fine Art Collection – Artwork displayed at the Rocky River Public Library. The collection includes paintings donated from the estate of Leonard B. & Sophia Schlather, pieces from the Cowan Pottery Museum, and a variety of modern works purchased by the library’s Women’s Committee.

Cowan Pottery Museum Collection – View and search the Library’s entire collection of objects from the Cowan Pottery Studio and the pieces by the artists who worked there. 

Online Research

Cleveland Memory Project: Rocky River Photograph Collection

In partnership with the Cleveland Memory Project, a digital history collection at Cleveland State University, we are digitizing our photograph collection. We are also adding photographs of Rocky River from the Cleveland Press Collection at CSU.

Ohio Memory: An Online Scrapbook of Ohio History

The Ohio Historical Society, in cooperation with Ohio libraries, museums, historical societies, and archives, has created a database bringing together primary materials depicting Ohio history. Twelve photographs were contributed by the Rocky River Historical Society and Rocky River Public Library & Cowan Pottery Museum.