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Finding work can be very competitive, so go in with confidence.

A job-seeker should do everything he or she can to stand out, and to help you with this journey, we’ve made 4 sections.

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RRPL offers these services for free because we want to see you succeed, feel more confident, and find a job that fits your needs and values. By improving your resume, overall tools, interview skills, and job search strategies, you are more likely to stand out and find that job.

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If you’re looking to update your resume or create a new one, did you know that the library can help? (give career services info)   That not your style?  You can do it yourself with one of the many resume tools we recommend.
  • SkillsFirst -our career/resume database.  Make an account with your library card and have access to numerous resume templates and sample resumes for different career areas.
  • Google Resume Templates – Within Google Docs, there is a choice of free, customizable templates to choose from.
  • GotResumeBuilder – a free resume builder service for libraries and schools
  • The Muse – the Muse is a career platform that is used by more than 70 million people annually to research companies and careers and has resume templates and ideas.
  • –  has a resume and cover letter section with lots of examples.

Skill Development Tools

Having all the skills necessary to do the job is a big part of getting in the door. In an ever-advancing and changing job market, here are some resources to help keep you up to date.
  • LinkedIn Learning – has free training on almost every imaginable technique, technology, or topic to get you started at a beginner’s level. But also offers intermediate and expert level courses in an innumerable variety. You won’t be “officially” certified like a government agency, but they do offer certification to show you’ve attended courses on the matter.
  • OhioMeansJobs – offers online career exploration and skills training through their jobs assessment and training center.
  • NorthStar – If you need to freshen up your technology skills with Microsoft Office or if you need to start with the basics of Windows or Apple, NorthStar is your best friend offering free virtual training on any device.

Here are some of our resources for your job search.

  • Indeed.comprobably most well-known job search website.  Allows you to search for jobs by location, category, type, experience level and other factors.
  • Monster.comanother popular job search platform
  • LinkedIna professional network on the internet where you can reach out and interact with other business professionals.  You must join to use it, however, it is free.
  • The Muse – job search advice
  • Google search – use google by typing in search terms such as “finance jobs near me” or “Columbus sales jobs”.  It will pull job listings from various job sites into one box for you.

Interview skills

Interviewing has changed with our many societal changes, and chances are it might not even be in person.  Luckily there are resources available to help you prepare for all kinds of interviews with sample questions, tips for what to wear on screen, and interactive practice sessions for your answers.

Careful Consideration

We’ve all heard the saying, “Do what you love”, as an inspiration for careers.
However, here are some things to consider as you choose your next steps:

Don’t “Do What You Love,” Do What Lets You Have the Life You Want by Jandra Sutton

We also offer this video on Successful Job Searches:


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