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The Cowan Pottery Museum Associates (CPMA) is an affiliate group of Rocky River Public Library. Its purpose is “to actively enhance and maintain the creative heritage of Cowan Pottery by assisting and supplementing the Cowan Pottery Museum of Rocky River Public Library, its collection, archives, and activities as headquarters for preserving the tradition of creative vision and excellence in American art pottery demonstrated by Reginald Guy Cowan.”

The Associates enjoy informative and entertaining events every year. During the winter months, there is often a fundraiser or a social event. The annual Cowan Pottery Museum Symposium, usually in May, brings together pottery and antique collectors and experts, as well as local history enthusiasts and those interested in the arts in general for a day of networking, lectures, presentations, discussion, and meals.

From time to time the CPMA sponsors auctions or sales of donated Cowan Pottery pieces. These events provide excitement and competition while helping to support the work of the Associates. The Associates support the museum by donating pieces to the collection, by raising money for the museum’s preservation and acquisition fund, and in general by promoting Cowan Pottery. In addition, the Associates also fund the annual R. Guy Cowan Scholarship for advanced ceramics students from the Cleveland Institute of Art (where Mr. Cowan taught) Members of the Associates discuss information and issues related to Cowan Pottery in an online forum on the CPMA Facebook page. To join the Associates, print and fill out the form found on the Associates’ website at membership_application.htm

For more information, please visit the Cowan Pottery Associates’ website or Facebook page, or contact the Cowan Pottery Museum curator, Greg Hatch, at 440-895-3763 or .

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