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Passports at Rocky River Public Library Passport

Start Here, Go Anywhere!


Rocky River Public Library is an official Passport Acceptance Facility for the U.S. Department of State. We offer passport processing and photo services.

Monday - Thursday           9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. 
Friday & Saturday             9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Sunday  (school year)       1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m

We strongly suggest that you call ahead (440-333-7610) to ensure that an agent is available and to keep waiting to a minimum.

  • Apply for a passport.
  • Have your passport photo taken for $11.00 (includes tax).

The passport application process will take from 20-60 minutes per applicant. To ensure there is ample time to complete the process, please arrive at least 30 minutes before the passport desk closes. More time may be needed for complex cases involving citizenship, parental guardianship, or last-minute travel.

In the event that a passport acceptance agent believes the process cannot be completed prior to the Library’s closing, you may be requested to return at another time.

See our Tips for Applying for a U.S. Passport.

The U.S. Department of State has the sole responsibility for examining applications and issuing passports.


There are several different passport fees that may apply. Some fees are paid directly to the U.S. Department of State and others are paid directly to Rocky River Public Library. For more information about fees and how to obtain a passport, please visit

  • Execution Fee: $35 for each new passport, payable by cash, check or money order to Rocky River Public Library.
  • Passport Photo Fee: $11, payable by cash, check or money order to Rocky River Public Library.

The execution and photo fees are nonrefundable.


Find full passport application details on the State Department website,
You can also call the National Passport Information Center at 1.877.487.2778.
If this is your first passport, you need to apply in person. You need:

  • Completed unsigned application for passport filled out in black ink (form DS-11)
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Current proof of identity
  • One passport photo

Additional documentation is required for minors under the age of 16.

See our Tips for Applying for a U.S. Passport.

You can also watch this video on how to apply in-person for an adult U.S. passport!


If you are renewing an expired adult passport issued within the last 15 years, you will have to apply by mail. Renewal forms are available online through the State Department website, and at Rocky River Public Library.


Visit the U.S. Department of State’s passport information page for more details and special circumstances; call the National Passport Information Center at 1.877.487.2778; or call the Library at 440.333.7610.

The Library is the perfect one-stop travel information center. You can research your destination, borrow a travel guide or DVD, book your hotel and flight online, print your boarding pass, and of course, ask our Library’s information experts to assist you! You can even learn a foreign language, using our language-learning database, books, and CDs.