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October 2018

Monster PowerThe Magic School Bus Rides Again: Monster Power
by Judy Katschke

The Magic School Bus returns for a new generation with this fun early chapter book series geared towards newly independent readers. Professor Frizzle's kid sister Fiona is the new teacher at Walkerville Elementary and she has the same adventurous philosophy as her older sister when it comes to learning! She decides to take the class camping, but once night falls their camp grounds are pitch black and Arnold has been watching too many scary movies to fall asleep in the dark. The class has to put their thinking caps on and work together to figure out a way to provide a night light for Arnold so he can fall asleep. In the process the class and readers will learn all about renewable energy. The book has illustrations on every page as well as a glossary of words, an “Ask Professor Frizzle” section, and suggested questions for exploring the book further. Budding scientists will love this educational series.

Recommended for children ages 6-8.

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POSTED: October 9, 2018




A Most Unusual DayA Most Unusual Day
by Sydra Mallery; Illustrated by E.B. Goodale

A Most Unusual Day is a beautifully illustrated and heartwarming adoption story told from a new big sister’s perspective. Caroline, a child of color with light brown skin and long straight hair wakes up on this “most unusual day” feeling not quite normal. A picture on her bedside table shows her with her multiracial family. Caroline’s grandmother is staying with her while her parents are away, but readers are not immediately told why. It is very clear though that Caroline is distracted throughout the day as she struggles to help clean up at school and even absentmindedly draws on the wall of her classroom. Eventually it is revealed that Caroline’s parents were picking up “a bundle from far, far away”-a bundle that turns out to be her new little sister! The text suggests that the baby is a transnational adoptee and she looks quite a lot like Caroline, so although the text never explicitly identifies Caroline as an adoptee, readers can infer that she is. This great adoption story shows that adoptive families come in many variations, sizes, and colors. Recommended for children ages 3-6.

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POSTED: October 1, 2018


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