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Ugly Cat & PabloUgly Cat & Pablo
by Isabel Quintero ; Illustrated by Tom Knight

Move over Bad Kitty! Ugly Cat is here and does he have an attitude and personality you do not want to miss. In this funny new chapter book series Ugly Cat is best friends with Pablo, a mouse who likes to dress well. They like to go around the neighborhood making trouble and eating. They love paletas or ice pops and will do whatever they can do in order to get some. In this first adventure, when Ugly Cat and Pablo try to trick a young girl in the park to drop her icy paleta, the tables turn and Pablo is instead caught to be a tasty treat for girl’s pet snake! How will Ugly Cat save his friend and enjoy the delicious paleta too? Spanish words are intermixed with English words throughout the story, and a glossary at the end will also help with the meaning of the Spanish words and phrases.  In addition to a great story, Tom Knight’s illustrations truly bring these two friends and the other neighborhood characters to life. A special bonus is the recipe for paletas de coco included at the end of the story. Readers of books with unusual friends like the Bad Guys should try this new series. Kids are sure to be left looking forward to more adventures with Ugly Cat and Pablo! Recommended for readers in grades 2-4.

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POSTED: September 18, 2017


Yours Sincerely, GiraffeYours Sincerely, Giraffe
by Megumi  Iwasa ; Illustrations by Jun Takabatake

Poor giraffe. He is bored. He really wishes for a friend to share things with so he writes a letter to whomever over the horizon. Pelican who has just started his own mail delivery service takes his letter and gives it to the first person he sees beyond the horizon who happens to be Seal. Seal then delivers it to Penguin and thus, Giraffe becomes the pen pal of Penguin. From Giraffe’s letters, Penguin learns about what a “neck” is and what a “giraffe” is and Giraffe in turn learns about penguins and how they live through Penguin’s letters. They eventually want to meet but how can they when they are from opposite sides of the world? Their attempts to meet are hilarious and will keep readers laughing out loud!  The cute black and white illustrations help to make this early chapter book an easy and fun read. This is also a great book for parents or teachers to use to help children with their letter-writing skills. Recommend for readers in grades 2-3.

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POSTED: September 11, 2017



Gandhi for Kids: His Life and Ideas, with 21 Activities Gandi for his Kids
Ellen Voelckers Mahoney

Gandhi for Kids is the latest book in the For Kids series, which is written in a straightforward and easy to understand format. Each book in the series introduces children to people, events, and ideas that have influenced or changed the world’s history. In today’s world filled with violence, Gandhi for Kids is the perfect choice for readers who want to learn about Gandhi’s contribution to the nonviolence protest movement. Besides his activism, this book also gives a thorough overview of his childhood, family career, and his impact on the lives of contemporary leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malala Yousafzai. The book also includes a timeline, glossary, index, and a resource section with websites and books for more exploration. The 21 activities for kids focus on writing, art, math, and science and nicely supplement the nonfiction text. Recommended for readers in grades 4-6.

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POSTED: September 6, 2017


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