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June 2018

Wordy BirdyWordy Birdy
by Tammi Sauer; Illustrations by Dave Mottram

Wordy Birdy loves to talk and talk but she does not love to listen and especially to pay attention to others. In this new, fun and laugh aloud story by Tammi Sauer, author of Nugget & Fang, and Your Alien, readers are introduced to Wordy Birdy and her friends. Her lack of listening and her gift of gab almost gets her into trouble one day as she walks through the forest because she doesn’t t notice the danger signs in front of her. She is too busy gabbing and chattering about this and that. Her friends, Squirrel, Raccoon and Rabbit try to warn her but Wordy Birdy just won’t listen. Will her friends be able to stop her before it is too late? The bright and colorful illustrations and the cartoon speech bubbles bring this book alive. The animal friends talk directly to the reading audience so it can  also a fun interactive read aloud for sharing with a group or reading alone. This witty, zany book will be one story that readers will love to listen to as Wordy learns the important lesson that sometimes there is a need to be quiet and a time to listen to your friends. For preschool to grade 2.

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POSTED: June 18, 2018



Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands
by Melody Reed; illustrations by Émilie Pépin

The Battle of the Bands by Melody Reed is the first book in a new series called The Major Eights. Jasmine, Maggie, Becca, and Scarlet love to make music together in Jasmine’s basement. Maggie is on the drums, Becca has her guitar, and Jasmine plays the keyboard while Scarlet sings. They may not have the best equipment or an adoring audience but they do have fun making music together. Jasmine’s brother tells them that there will be a Battle of the Bands competition in school and that the girls should compete to prove to everyone that they are truly a “real” band. Jasmine is all in but can she convince the rest of the group to go public? However, after the girls do decide to compete and begin to practice for their big performance at the competition, they begin to argue and with the added pressure that they want to win, the girls’ friendship is tested. Will the girls be able trust their friendship to work together to actually perform before a big crowd? This fun, easy- to- read, rockin’ chapter book series with illustrations on almost all the pages showcases a diverse cast of characters and gives a positive girl power message. Other books in the series that are out now: Scarlet’s Big Break and The Goo Disaster! For grades 2-4.

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POSTED: June 12, 2018


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