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Birds Make NestBirds Make Nests
by Michael Garland

Birds Make Nests is a beautifully illustrated nonfiction picture book that depicts a lovely array of various bird species and their distinct nests. There are many interesting facts sprinkled throughout the book, such as how the Great Crested Flycatcher uses a snakeskin placed in the front of it’s nest to keep away predators. Readers will learn that not all birds make their own nests and some simply lay their eggs in other bird’s nests! In addition to providing beautiful and realistic illustrations of the many bird types, this book is a great way to introduce life science and engineering concepts to kids. Recommended for ages 4-8.

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POSTED: November 14, 2017


All’s Faire in Middle School
All's Faire in Middle Schoolby Victoria Jamieson

Jamieson follows up her Newbery Honor-winning graphic novel Roller Girl with another pitch perfect story about middle school, families, and friendships in her latest title All’s Faire in Middle School.  Readers will totally identify with eleven-year-old Imogene, lovingly referred to as Impy by her family, as she begins middle school- a feat to prove her bravery as a squire in training with the Renaissance Faire. As if middle school isn’t bad enough, this is Impy’s first experience with formal schooling since she has spent her entire life until now being homeschooled.  She makes friends with a group of girls who aren’t quite as nice as they seem and soon starts to feel embarrassed of her thrift shop jeans and her family’s unusual lifestyle. Impy struggles to navigate the choppy waters of middle school and questions her own bravery and values when she does something she regrets just to fit in at school.  A highly recommended read for kids age 9-12.

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POSTED: November 6, 2017


A House Without Mirrors A House without Mirrors
by Marten Sanden

A House Without Mirrors is a lovely, haunting, and classic story perfect for older tween readers looking for a more serious read. This tale of magical realism, originally published in Swedish, follows Thomasine who has spent months living in the huge home her great-great-aunt owns assisting her father with the care of her elderly aunt. Thomasine’s father is distant, struggling with the loss of Thomasine’s younger brother. One day her cousin discovers a mysterious wardrobe that if filled with mirrors that can transport you into a different world. This story covers topics like grief, family, and growing up in a magical adventure sure to please readers. Recommended for readers ages 10 and up.

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POSTED: November 1, 2017


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