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MAY 2017

    Who build thatBridges: An Introduction to Ten Great Bridges and Their Designers
    by Didier Cornille

    This beautiful non-fiction picture book depicts ten bridges that were not only amazing in their design and engineering, but also changed how we travel. The physical size and shape of the book itself is clever and makes for an interesting reading experience as it is long and wide, a perfect format for the amazingly detailed bridge artwork throughout.  Some of the cool bridges highlighted include the Brooklyn Bridge and the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, which is located in the canopy of eucalyptus trees in Australia. A sure hit with aspiring young engineers and architects, this book is recommended for ages 6 and up.

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    POSTED: May 22, 2017



    Ghosts by Raina Telgemeierby Raina Telgemeier

    Ghosts is indeed about ghosts, but is also a heartfelt story about serious topics like childhood illness, loss, and family. Maya, who has cystic fibrosis, and her older sister Catrina, move to the foggy Northern California city of  Bahía de la Luna with their parents in an effort to help Maya’s illness. Her parents think that the fresh coastal air will be good for her health. Differing slightly from her previous works, this story incorporates fantasy elements into Telgemeier’s trademark realism as the girls meet actual spirits while adjusting to their new home, and grappling with Maya’s uncertain future. Fans of Telgemeier’s previous books, Smile, Sisters, and her Babysitter’s Club adaptations, are sure to adore this fantastical new graphic novel. Recommended for ages 9-12.

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    POSTED: May 15, 2017


    Leaping Lemmings!

    Leaping Lemmings!By John Briggs; Illustrated by Nicola Slater

     “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?”. Briggs plays with this age-old question we have all heard at one point or another from parents in this fun new picture book. One lemming is the story is different from all the others- he dresses differently, behaves differently, and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. While the other animals are tunneling in the winter, he decides to go sledding with the puffins. The other lemmings don’t seem to understand him, but when this unique lemming uses his independent mind to save his friends from literally jumping off a cliff, they start to come around to his ways. This would make for a fun read-aloud and teaches children that it is okay to be different! Recommended for children in preschool to second grade.

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    POSTED: May 15, 2017



    Mae and June and the Wonder Wheel
    Mae and June and the Wonder Wheelby Charise Mericle Harper; illustrated by Ashley Spires

    June and her dog, Sammy, are looking for a new best friend. They believe that a friend should follow the 3 Fs - be fun, be friendly, and be full of adventure! June wants her new friend to also have fun with the Wonder Wheel, a special gift sent to her by her Grandma Penny. If you follow the directions of the wheel, you can have fun adventures every day by making ordinary activities more enjoyable and special.  Unfortunately, Mae is already friends with April at school and April does not like June or dogs. Can Mae be friends with June too?  June is determined to find out! Fans of the Ivy and Bean series will enjoy this story too. This is a quick, fun book to read with short chapters and cute, simple illustrations. Let’s hope this book will be the first of a new series! Recommended for readers in grades 2-3.

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    POSTED: May 15, 2017


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