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August 2018

Doll-EDOLL-E 1.0
by Shandra McCloskey

Charlotte is a technological geeky child who loves to tinker and code on her computer. She can fix any broken gadget around and is her “Mama’s little genius” and her “Daddy’s little smarty-pants.” Charlotte’s world is totally technical until her mother gives her a doll, a very ordinary and boring doll that only says “Mama.” How can Charlotte possibly play and have fun with this doll? When her dog, Blutooth, steals the doll and tears it apart, Charlotte decides to make a new doll with its leftover parts. Her creation? It’s DOLL-E 1.0! The illustrations clearly show that Charlotte is an extraordinary and unique girl with many interests. They add much to this delightful and fun story. This is a perfect book for fans of The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires and Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty. Check out the author’s website, for coloring pages, posters, and a STEM/STEAM balancing doll activity for DOLL-E 1.0. Recommended for readers in grades K-2.

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POSTED: August 20, 2018



Silent Days, Silent nightsSilent Days, Silent Dreams
by Allen Say

This moving and thoughtful fictionalized biography of James Castle, a deaf, autistic artist, will be an inspiration not only to aspiring artists but to all who pick up this great book. James Castle could not hear or speak and he never had much of a formal education, but he created beautiful art that has been admired and studied around the world. Nothing stopped Castle from becoming an artist and expressing himself, despite not having access to any art materials when he first began his work. He made use of soot and paper from the trash to make many of his drawings. Much of his early works were destroyed but Castle still persevered with his art and at the time of his death in 1977, Castle had created more than 15,000 pieces of artwork. This book also Includes bibliographical references and an author’s note. Say was asked by a friend to draw a portrait of this local artist from Idaho and was subsequently inspired to create something more than just a portrait as he learned more about Castle’s accomplished life. Recommended for readers in grades 3-6.

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POSTED: August 13, 2018



All Summer Long
All Summer Longby Hope Larson

Larson’s latest graphic novel is a stand-out realistic middle grade story about 13-year-old Bina and her summer of self-discovery before she begins eighth grade. Her best friend Austin has headed off to soccer camp and she feels lost without him around, while her parents are focused on her older sibling’s upcoming adoption. Bina’s adventures start when she locks herself out of her house and breaks into Austin’s room to track down her spare key. During her daring break-in Bina encounters Austin’s older sister who she unexpectedly forms a friendship with. The two share a love of music and this new relationship helps Bina pursue her own passions, like discovering new rock bands and playing her electric guitar. By the end of the summer Bina is clearly more confident in herself and comfortable in her own skin. Larson’s illustrations do a stellar job conveying the many emotions the characters experience and there is plenty of humor sprinkled throughout.  As Bina’s mother says, “you’re more you every day,” this graphic novel tenderly exhibits one girl’s journey to finding herself. The ending depicts Bina creating a cool flyer inviting others at her school to join her band, a happy ending for readers and an exciting new beginning for Bina. Highly recommended for readers ages 10-14.

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POSTED: August 6, 2018


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