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Reading Room


1600 Hampton Road
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

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Monday - Thursday:
9am - 9pm

Friday - Saturday:
9am - 6pm

Sunday: 1pm - 5pm
(during the school year)

Rocky River Public Library
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  • Main Telephone Number: 440-333-7610
  • Main Fax Number: 440-333-4184
Jamie L. Mason,Director
Telephone 440-895-3716
EMAIL E-mail
Trent Ross, Deputy Director
Telephone 440-895-3727
Email Email
ADULT SERVICESTelephone 440-333-7610 Ext. 5501

Dori Olivos, Department Manager

Email E-mail
Stacey Hayman,Programming & Digital Services Coordinator Email E-mail
BUILDING SERVICES: Telephone 440-333-7610 Ext. 3768

Greg Jackson, Department Manager

email E-mail
CHILDREN'S SERVICES: Telephone 440-333-7610 ext. 5502
Lucy Carney, Department Manager
EMAIL E-mail
CIRCULATION SERVICES: Telephone 440-333-7610 ext. 5500
Louise Russell, Manager
EMAIL E-mail
Bridget Russ, Assistant Manager
EMAIL E-mail

COWAN POTTERY MUSEUM: telephone 440-895-3763

Greg Hatch, Museum Curator
EMAIL E-mail
PROGRAMMING & DIGITAL SERVICES: telephone 440-895-3750
Stacey Hayman, Programming & Digital
Services Coordinator
EMAIL E-mail
Peter Matera,Technology Services Manager
telephone 440-895-3747
E-MAIL E-mail
Jim Lack, Technology Support Manager
telephone 440-895-3736 E-MAIL E-mail
Computer Center
telephone 440-333-7610 X 3783
Ann Jackson, Department Manager
telephone 440-333-7610 X 3726
Registration Line
telephone 440-333-7610 x 5503
Angela Paterek, Department Manager