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Reading Room


1600 Hampton Road
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

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Monday - Thursday:
9am - 9pm

Friday - Saturday:
9am - 6pm

Sunday: 1pm - 5pm
(Beginning September 11, 2011)

Rocky River Public Library

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Book Donations / Book Sale Guidelines

All donations become the property of the Rocky River Public Library Women’s Committee. They are non-returnable. Items donated cannot be retrieved.

We do not accept magazines, puzzles, or textbooks. Books must be in good condition. If they are old, they cannot be torn, damaged or mildewed.

Please pay for your items by placing your donation into the coin box. Greeters cannot make change and do not have a cash drawer.

If you purchase a VHS tape, CD, or DVD and fi nd it defective, you may select another item of equal value. No cash will be refunded.