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1600 Hampton Road
Rocky River, Ohio 44116

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Monday - Thursday:
9am - 9pm

Friday - Saturday:
9am - 6pm

Sunday: 1pm - 5pm
(Beginning September 11, 2011)

Rocky River Public Library

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The Rocky River Public Library (RRPL), located in Rocky River, Ohio is an independent library and is not part of any larger library system. It is supported by the residents of Rocky River and by a portion of the General Fund of the State of Ohio. The Library’s taxing authority comes only through the Rocky River Board of Education. RRPL has a seven-member Board of Trustees, consisting of community members, which is the governing body authorized by the State of Ohio to establish policies and develop an annual budget.


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""Rocky River Public Library Artwork Guide pdf format

"" Rocky River Public Library Floor Plans pdf format


Rocky River Public Library -- an informational, educational, recreational, and cultural resource -- is committed to:

• Preserving its unique atmosphere and personal service,

• Adapting quickly and efficiently to anticipate and meet community needs, and

• Promoting freedom of information to all.


Library Timeline

Rocky River Public Library timeline  covering historic milestones 1877 - present.

Library Paintings Information pdf

This is an inventory of the collection of artworks at the Rocky River Public Library. The collection includes paintings donated from the estate of Leonard B. & Sophia Schlather, pieces from the Cowan Pottery Museum and a variety of modern works purchased by the library's Women's Committee.  This inventory will be updated as needed.


Ohio residents are welcome to apply for a library card.  


If you are Interested in working for the Rocky River Public Library check out our current job openings.